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I’m Mike Goncalves, founder of The работа Wellness Bucket, I’m glad you’re here.



Profile PicHealth and Wellness has always been a very important part of my life. I love sports, the outdoors, exercising, adventure, overall just being active. I still remember one of my fitness goals as a 10 year old kid was to be able to do 100 sit-ups.

Well, I’m proud to say I accomplished my goal but at the expense of getting a hernia and needing surgery (ouch).


As a kid I could never get enough of climbing trees, playing sports, riding bikes, whatever had me outside and being active. Not much has changed these days.

Running, skiing, volleyball, exercising, traveling, all continue to keep me active and rejuvenated.

I graduated from the University of New England with a degree in Sports & Fitness Management with a concentration in Athletic Training. I then completed my Graduate Studies at California University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Sports Medicine. Soon after, I got nationally certified as an Athletic Trainer from the National Athletic Training Association. I moved to San Diego in 2000 and created a Health & Fitness business that I maintained for 14 years.

It was during these incredible 14 years, the people I met, the experiences I had, the results I saw, not just for my clients but for medadvice myself as well, that made me realize everything that’s possible when we take care of ourselves and our health and build a foundation based on healthy principles.


The Wellness Bucket is my commitment to help you create more health and happiness in your life so that you may finally start to feel, look, and live your best.


I feel better than I ever have, happier, more confident than I ever. I’m running marathons, half marathons, maintaining a six pack, skiing, playing volleyball, traveling, meeting new and exciting people every day, living a life that makes me happy, fulfilled, and grateful to wake up to every day.

There is much I am thankful for and I know that it’s because of my health, that I am able to live the type of life I live today. A life of health, happiness, and fulfillment. It’s awesome and I want the same for you.

Thanks for being here! 


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