How To Get A Flat Stomach (The Ultimate Guide)

If you’re looking for help on how to get a flat stomach, you’ve come to the right place. Having a flat lean stomach is something almost everyone wants. It’s not just girls either who after after the infamous flat stomach, but guys as well. They just refer to it as six pack abs while girls label it flat abs or a flat stomach. Essential they’re both describing the same thing. Let’s be honest, abs that are flat, lean, and fit-looking are sexy. That’s often the reason we want a flat stomach to begin with. Because it makes us feel sexier, confidence, more attractive. Even if it’s just for ourselves. But of course it’s also awesome getting to show them off in a new outfit, on vacation, at the beach, or behind closed doors. Everyone wants a flat stomach. But how do you get one? What exactly do you need... read more

Who Cares About You And Your Fitness Goals (It’s Not Who You May Think)

When it comes to your health, are you taking care of yourself? Eating healthy foods? Smaller portions? Exercising regularly? Drinking plenty of water? Getting enough sleep?   Who Cares? I’m not trying to be a pain in your butt here by asking. I’m asking because I care. I care about you and your health. Not everyone does (ouch). Let me explain. I got a bit (a lot) ticked off recently. Get this… An online web dude I follow because of the value he offers when it comes to running an online business decided to offer a fitness solution for entrepreneur’s who want to get their health & fitness in check. He shared his story about how he was able to go from feeling lousy and not exercising regularly to now exercising effortlessly, eating all the right foods, feeling great, blah, blah, blah. Good for him. You’re probably wondering…. why... read more

A Lesson In Not Settling For “Good Enough”… (Always Run The Hills)

Earlier this week I went on a 4 mile run. It’s a run I’ve probably done now 50 or more times. It’s safe to say I know the route well at this point. Especially the dreaded hill at the end of 2 miles where I turn around at the top to begin running back home. On this particular day, I wasn’t feeling my best on the run.   Our Decisions Shape Our Outcomes As I approached the dreaded hill, the app I use to track my distance and speed (MapMyRun) told me I was at two miles at the bottom of the hill. Having done this run as often as I have, I know that the 2 mile marker it at the top of the hill. “Maybe I started running sooner than I normally do”… I thought to myself. For whatever the reason, I was at two miles without... read more

How To Shut Down Negative Self-Talk

Every week I receive lots of emails. Whether it’s from community members or people who’ve come across The Wellness Bucket website. They reach out to me asking for help to either lose weight, get fit, or a combination of the two. I love getting these emails because it gives me a chance to help. I’ve also noticed a pattern with these emails.   Negative Self-Talk Sucks Regardless of the goal, there’s a pattern I continue to see from those reaching out to me for help who are having a hard time achieve their health and fitness goals. A pattern that unfortunately, I don’t believe they’re aware of. So what’s this pattern? Negative self-talk. Even though I haven’t actually having a conversation with them, it comes across in their email, their words, and how & what they write to me. Here’s some examples: “It’s been so many years that I’ve tried to lose... read more

Connecting The Dots

Earlier this week I found myself listening to the Stanford commencement speech Steve Jobs delivered back in 2005. I listened to it while working out. Not your typical “get pumped up” workout music. It was part of a YouTube compilation video containing inspiring speeches that I decided to listen to while working out.   Getting Pumped Up While it wasn’t your average “get pumped up” kind of music, it did get me pumped up. The messages Steve Jobs delivers in his speech are awesome. If you’ve never listening to it, do yourself a huge favor and listen to it right here, right now. It’s a 15 minute speech and worth every second to listen to. It could very well be a game-changer for you. I’ve listened to it now 6 times in the past 5 days. Why? Because there’s one particular message he delivers that helps us answer the following questions…  ... read more


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