In The Opinion Of Others, You’ll Never Be Good Enough: How To Block Out Your Critics & All The Negative Noise

Have you you ever asked yourself… “Am I good enough?“ Good enough to be healthy. Good enough to be happy. Good enough to feel alive and fulfilled. What answer do you come up with? More importantly, who gave you that answer?   “To escape criticism – do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.”    Nike recently put out a new video. It features the basketball player Lebron James. I’ve never been a big fan of Lebron James. To some extend, I’m still not. I am however a big fan of this video. The message speaks to every single one of us. What’s the message you ask?   “You’re Not Supposed To Be Here” Throughout the 1:45 video, Lebron James takes us through a chronological timeline of his life from childhood to becoming an NBA champion. He also repeatedly states the following words…. “You’re not supposed to be here.” A message... read more

Stuck Chasing The Same Fitness Goal Year After Year? Forget The Goal & Focus On This Instead (Since It’s Really What You’re After Anyways)

I can’t believe that this year is almost over and that 2016 is quickly coming to an end. There’s 66 days left in the year. That means we’ve had 298 days to do whatever it is we planned to do this year. Here’s a question to think about and consider as we slowly close out 2016. The question is…   Are you in a better, same, or worse place than you were at the beginning of the year? By place I mean physically… and mentally as well for that matter. Did you have fitness goals for yourself at the beginning of the year? Whether it was to lose weight, lean up, exercise consistently, get back into running or hiking, get down to a certain clothing size, eat healthier, or something else. If you did establish fitness goals at the beginning of the year, what were they and how well... read more

Why Self-Worth & Integrity Is Decided The Moment The Alarm Clock Goes Off

Every Friday my alarm clock goes off at 3:30am. I’m at the gym working out by 4am. My workout routine is sacred to me. This past Friday however, my alarm went off, I hit snooze, and didn’t get up. When I finally did open my eyes, it was 3:55am. Darn it!   Cue The Mental Negotiations I have a tight morning schedule a 15 minute late start makes a big difference. “You’re only 15 minutes behind schedule, get up, get to the gym, make it happen.” “It’s Friday, it’s early, my body is sore from yesterday’s workout, I’m running behind schedule, just forget it and get back at it tomorrow.” Is it just me (maybe it is) or do you have these same mental negotiations with yourself as well? Everything in me wanted to stay in bed and I had all good reasons to do so as well. I... read more

The Idea That Healthy Eating & Exercise Is A “Lifestyle” Is Bull… (You Know What)

Eating healthy is a lifestyle. Exercising regularly is a lifestyle. Rigggght. Pardon the French, but I’m calling bullshit. Healthy eating is not a lifestyle. Regular exercise is not a lifestyle. If it’s not a lifestyle, than what is it?   Healthy Eating and Exercising Regularly Are Choices Choices we make every single day.  Not just Monday through Friday choices. Not just “when I feel like it” choices. Not just “when it’s convenient for me” choices. Healthy eating and regular exercise are every single day choices we make. The whole “it’s a lifestyle” idea is absolute nonsense and personally I’m tired of hearing it.   What Does That Even Mean Anyways, “It’s a Lifestyle”? Does it mean if you and I start viewing health and exercise as a “lifestyle” is gets easier to eat healthy and exercise regularly? Does it mean if we begin viewing eating healthy as a “lifestyle”... read more

3 Ways To Eliminate Negative Thoughts (More With Mike Podcast)

I’m not a fan of negative thoughts. I’m pretty sure no one is. Negative thoughts do come up though, it’s part of life. Question is, how do we stop negative thoughts from coming up again and again? That stop us from moving forward, being healthy, and happy?    Episode 013: Three Ways To Eliminate Negative Thoughts   In this podcast, I’ll share with you what my own negative thoughts are and 3 ways I’m able to overcome them. It’s crazy to think how powerful our thoughts are. Especially since our thoughts reflection our blueprint on life, how we view the world and interpret what’s happening around us and to us. You’ve probably heard it said…. “Change your thoughts, change your world.” It makes sense since positive thoughts typically do generate positive feelings, and it’s these positive feelings that then attract positive life experiences. Unfortunately, it works the same with negative... read more


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