Don’t Give Up Is Easier Said Than Done, So Don’t Give Up

“Don’t give up“… it’s such a basic message. A message we’ve all heard at some point. The message itself is a simple one. Abiding by it however, not so much. When it comes to goals, staying the course, and sticking it out…  There’s nothing easy about not giving up.   Not Giving Up Is Hard To Do For the past 6 weeks, I’ve gotten back into full swing with weight training. I’m weight training 5 days per week. Monday through Thursday I’m in the gym at 5am and on Friday’s I’m in there at 4am. I am matching the same type of intensity and schedule I followed last year when training for my Men’s Physique Competition. At the same time, I’m also training for a half marathon that I’m running in three weeks. A few days per week, I get my weight training done in the morning and then... read more

How To Create More Time

Is it possible to create more time? Yes, it is possible to create more time. There are so many places, people, and things we can invest our time and energy into. Regardless of where you’re from, where you live, what you do, how much money you have, there’s one thing we’ve all been given equal share of…  And that is time.   The Way We Spend Our Time Defines Who We Become We all get the exact same amount of seconds, minutes, and hours per day. How, where, what, and who we decide to invest our time on is the differentiating factor. Sleep an extra hour or get up and get in a one hour workout? Watch television for an hour or go for an hour walk? Spend 30 minutes driving to get fast food or 30 minutes cooking a healthy meal at home? Sit and reflect on how far you have... read more

No Need To Worry About How Long It’ll Take To Reach Your Goals, The Time Will Pass Anyways… (Whether You Go For It Or Not)

Time seems to always fly on by when I’m either traveling, having lots of fun, or both. I’m guessing you may be able to relate. It also got me thinking about the following… As quickly as time seems to pass sometimes, it passes as quickly as it always does. No faster, no slower…. it may seem faster, but it passed at the same rate as it always does.   Regardless Of What I’m Doing, Time Will Pass Just The Same When I think about some of the goals I have that I know will take time to achieve, it’s easy to get discouraged thinking that it’s going to take a year, two, five, or more to get there. Regardless of how long it’ll take to reach a goal, the time is going to pass anyways. Question is… are we any closer to our goals than we were one, two, five, or ten years ago? Are you any closer to your goals... read more

Guest Post: Getting Back To Goodness In Just 20 Minutes Per Day

This guest post is by Brooke Benlifer. Brooke is our incredibly awesome resident Dietitian here at The Wellness Bucket. This is her sixth installment of her 2016 Back To Goodness Series. It’s going to be one awesome summer with Brooke’s 20 minutes per day movement challenge. Learn more of how and why below.   Thanks so much for being here Brooke… Take it away! Thanks Mike… Happy Summer, everyone! School is out and people everywhere are headed to the beach. All those cool refreshing drinks and salads are more appealing as temperatures rise and we spend more time outdoors enjoying the extended daylight.   Last Months Cooking Challenge Last month, I challenged you all to join me in cooking more meals at home. Cooking, in many ways, has become a lost art. We no longer need to stand at a stove or whip up ingredients to bake a recipe... read more

More With Mike Podcast: Why “Pretty Good” Isn’t Good Enough

“How’s your eating?” Pretty good. “How are your workouts?” Pretty good. “How’s your water intake?” Pretty good. “How’s your rest and recovery?” Pretty good. There’s nothing pretty about “pretty good“. Pretty good is equivalent to average, at best. And just being average isn’t cool in my book.   Episode #10 Why Being “Pretty Good” Isn’t Good Enough   When it comes to our health and happiness, pretty good is no longer good enough. I say we deserve more than just “pretty good” when it comes to our health and happiness. We deserve and must demand of ourselves awesome health and awesome happiness. I mean, why would we settle for anything less?   Why We Settle On “Pretty Good“ It’s crazy to me how we tend to settle on just “pretty good” health and “pretty good” happiness when it comes to ourselves. Crazy because there’s no way we would ever settle on just “pretty... read more


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