The Fine Line Between Compassion & Compromise When Coaching Clients

I recently received an email from a wellness coaching client of mine letting me know she was not pleased with a previous email I had sent her. I want to share this exchange we had because I believe it’s important and something we can all relate to and learn from. The balance between, “life just happening” and deciding to continue to give and be our best regardless. In my email to her, I pointed out all of the awesome things she did that day along with some not so awesome things and what can be done to improve going forward. Her email response to me was… “Mike  – I get it and sometimes stuff gets in the way and my best needs to be good enough.  Yes getting better each day is important however sometimes life just happens, like a late lunch or needing to break up the workout, not ideal I know but my best... read more

Limits Are An Illusion That Only Exist In The Stories We Tell Ourselves

So tell me, what’s your story? That’s right, your story… what’s your story? We all have one, sometimes more than one. I love a good story although those aren’t the kind of stories I’m referring to here. I’m talking about the stories we tell ourselves about why we haven’t done something, how we’ll fail or look foolish if we try. Stories of how we’re not good enough or smart enough to succeed, those stories. Whether it’s with losing weight, running a race, a new relationship, starting a new career, starting a new business, writing a book… whatever it may be.   What’s Your Story? Do you have stories that hold or have held you back from trying things you’ve always wanted to try but don’t because of those darn silly stories? I know I have. I use to think there was no way I could ever share my writing or videos let alone create an online... read more

Here’s How To Get Yourself Out Of A “I’m Just Not Feeling It” Kind Of Mood And Into A Productive One

I’m curious, what fires you up? Is it listening to music? Exercising? Inspiring videos or book? When you’re fired up, what does it feel like? Do you stand taller? Smile more? Feel like there’s nothing you can’t do? We’re all unique in terms of what fires us up and how we feel when we’re in that state.   When You’re Just Not “Feeling It” I often mention the importance of us putting ourselves in a certain physical and mental state, a “feeling it” state, reason being… In order to give ourselves the best chance at achieving our goals, we must first put ourselves in a winning physical and mental state. The best weight loss plan, business plan, financial plan, relationship plan, whatever plan.. it matters little if the state we’re in is a negative one and we just aren’t “feeling it“.   What Gets You Into A Winning “State“?... read more

The Single Most Important Step To Take In Order To Stay Consistent & On Track To Successfully Achieving Your Goals

Don’t look now, but summer 2016 is just a short 19 days away. Can you believe that? Holy smokes. It seems just like it was yesterday that we were talking about goals for this new year. Speaking of 2016 and goals, here’s a question to consider asking yourself…   How Are Your 2016 Goals Looking So Far? Have you achieved some of them, all of them, none of them? Are you on track with where you want to be from a health and fitness standpoint? Don’t sweat it if you’re not – I’m not judging. In fact, there’s some I’m way behind schedule with myself. I committed to mediating for 10 minutes daily every day this year. I started the year strong and consistent using the meditation app Headspace which is an awesome resources although I’ve been way off track lately. We’re not perfect, it happens. With that said, I always... read more

More With Mike Podcast: The #1 Most Important Fitness Goal There Is

There’s so many different types of fitness goals to go after and strive for. I’ve definitely chased my share of them. There’s one fitness goal however that always stands out from the rest. This one fitness goal I believe is the most important one of them all. Not just for me either, but for all of us.   Episode #8 This Is The #1 Most Important Fitness Goal There Is   The #1 most important fitness goal isn’t weight loss. It isn’t leaning up, running a marathon, or having six pack abs either. These are all great goals, just not the most important fitness goal there is. The #1 most important fitness goal is….   The Next One Our most important fitness goal will always be the very next one we set for ourselves. Huh? I know, a bit confusing perhaps… let me explain. The idea is to always... read more


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