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Wellness Coaching


What is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness Coaching is a health and exercise program focused on small daily health habits all designed to help you improve your health, feel your best, and live an awesome life.




It involves creating a healthy mindset, goal setting, nutrition, exercise, and accountability.


Together, we will identify what these small steps are for you, what you’re missing and in need of to help you feel your best, so that you can ultimately begin to live your best.


Here’s some questions to help you determine if Wellness Coaching is for you:


Q: Is your health currently not where you want it to be?


Q: Do you constantly feel tired, sluggish, and low on energy throughout the day regardless of how much sleep you get?


Q: Are you unhappy with how you look because of extra weight you’ve put on?


Q: Are your clothes not fitting you the way they once use to causing you to move up a few sizes?


Q: Are you struggling with low self-esteem and confidence?


Q: Are you frustrated because you’re not feeling and living the way you want to be?


Q: Are you uncertain of where and how to get started and exactly what to do to make changes?


Q: Are you lacking the support, encouragement, and motivation to make the changes you want to make, both physically (your body) and mentally (how you feel)?


If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, Wellness Coaching could very well be for you.


If you’re at all unhealthy, unhappy, unmotivated, and uninspired and are looking for that someone or something (that spark) to get you out of that funk, that low point – I promise to help you.


Leah Hynes – Sydney, Australia



Challenge: Between running her own business, being a mom, a wife, and taking care of all the responsibilities that comes with all three, Leah was exhausted and at the end of her rope.


I can’t do this anymore.”


Solution: Leah reached out to me for help, support, and motivation.


Someone to believe in her, check in, and hold her accountable to make sure she was following through on the health & wellness plan I created for her. Support she hadn’t had before. She was no longer alone.


Result: Because of the work we did together, Leah’s energy increased, her motivation and energy levels soared as did her business.


I’m grateful every day now to wake up with this new sense of aliveness.


Your health and happiness are important to me and I know they’re important to you too.


I understand that getting started or just knowing where and how to start creating more health and happiness in your life can be frustrating and overwhelming.


Even when you do get started, it’s often a challenge just to stay on track, focused, and motivated.


With Wellness Coaching, I will continuously support, encourage, and motivate you along the way, holding you accountable to your health & happiness goals and commitments.


Cathy Broadwell – Washington, D.C.



Challenge: After lots of summer travel, Cathy found herself with extra weight she had put on during her travels and having a hard time getting it off.


Having tried other plans and challenges before that were all 90 days or longer, she was skeptical at first about how much we would be able to accomplish together in just 30 days.


Solution: In spite of her initial skepticism, Cathy decided to give the 30 days of Wellness Coaching a shot.


I provided her with specific nutritional guidance based solely on her weight loss goal and what needed to be done to lose the weight. Daily reminders and check-ins kept her motivated and accountable to completing her workouts.


“I was skeptical at first what we could achieve in 30 days and I have to say, I was blown away by the results.”


Result: Within just a few weeks, Cathy began noticing her clothes feeling looser and fitting her better. By the end of the 30 days, she had lost over 8 pounds and 2 inches off her waist and hips.


Cathy credits these results for feeling more energetic, positive, and motivated than ever before to keep going so that she continues to feel her best. 



Wellness Coaching With Mike


Wellness coaching is a private one on one experience exclusively with me.


During these coaching sessions, I will provide you with continuous guidance, support and motivation – taking away the guessing game of what needs to be done, when, why, and how.


The Wellness Coaching programs that I create are specific to you, your goals, and your lifestyle.


They’re designed to help you feel your absolute best (both physically & mentally) so that you may live your life the way you want to.


This isn’t a one size fits all.


What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for the next.


That is why from the very beginning, we will connect, communicate, and identify specifically what your health & happiness goals are.


It may be to lose weight, increase your energy, feel better and more confident in your clothing, in the mirror, in meetings, on dates, or with your family, friends, partner, husband, or wife.


If may be that you know you’re missing out on life, not living the way you want to live, doing the things you want to do because of your health, weight, and confidence.


You want to live again, be seen, and be heard – and you will be.


Wellness Coaching will provide you with the necessary support, guidance, and motivation every step of the way.



Who I Work With


Perhaps I should have a niche market of who I work with specifically, but I don’t.


I work with human beings, people like you and I.


People who want better health so that they may live better lives.


That’s who I work with and serve.


If you’re seeking to improve your health in any way, because you want to feel better so that you may begin to live more, do more, see more, experience more, create more, and ultimately be more – then Wellness Coaching is for you.


Troy & Dorene – Digital Nomads



Challenge: Having just become digital nomads, constantly traveling to different places left Troy and Dorene without a exercise routine they could follow and complete on the go and struggling to find the tools and motivation necessary to make it happen.


Solution: Troy and Dorene reached out to me to help them create two different customized health & exercises plans based on their individual goals.


The plans were based on each of their specific needs and designed so their exercises could be completed anywhere regardless of where they were traveling to and required no equipment.


We started simple and gradually progressed as we went, here’s how:



Result: Troy lost 25 pounds while Dorene toned up her arms and shoulder muscles.


They both experienced higher levels of energy throughout the day and have been able to stick to their exercise routines despite their constant travel.


“Great thing about Mike is that he really cares.”



Here’s How It Works


We Have An Initial Conversation

The very first (and most important) thing we do is have a conversation to identify what your specific goals are. What is it you want and why do you want it? Why does this even matter to you?


I’ll Provide You With A Proposal

After our conversation, I will take a few days to process through all of the information you’ve provided me with and create a personalized 30 day exercise and nutrition proposal for you to review. 


We Move Forward Or We Don’t

After reviewing the proposal, you can then decide whether it’s something you believe can and will help you achieve what you’re looking. 


If for whatever reason you decide not to move forward and that wellness coaching is not for you, no problem whatsoever and I will continue to help and support you in any way I can going forward.


If You Decide To Move Forward With Wellness Coaching

I’ll immediately begin working on creating your 30 day exercise & nutrition plan and have it to you within a few days.



Your 30 Day Exercise & Nutrition Plan Will Include:


1) A personalized video for you of me going over all of the exercises and stretches in your plan for you to complete on a weekly basis. 


2) Nutritional recommendations, including an example shopping list, based on feedback you’ve provide me with during our first conversation that are in sync with your health & fitness goals.


3) Daily check-ins (online via email, text, Facebook messenger, or Skype messenger) for daily motivation and accountability purposes.


4) Weekly call to discuss progress: both good and bad and make adjustments wherever necessary.


At the end of our 30 days of Wellness Coaching, we will reassess all progress you’ve made and whether or not working together for another 30 days is necessary. 


Yolanda Chesworth – Sydney, Australia

Yolanda“Mike has taken me from being unhealthy, unfit, and lethargic to a much healthier and much fitter person by helping me to lose 10kg/22lbs. I never would have been able to make the progress that I made without Mike by my side. His commitment to help me improve my health and fitness levels has been nothing short of miraculous. What I appreciate most about Mike’s style is that he was with me every single day and refused to let me fail. I have my life back. Mike has given me the tools and education to be able to continue the journey on my own. No more yo-yo dieting for me. This has been an entire lifestyle change.  Thank you Mike from the bottom of my heart!”



Ellen Watkins – Austin, Texas

EllenWatkins“Mike is the REAL DEAL! He’ll believe in you when you aren’t even sure you believe in yourself. I’ve had the privilege of being a part of 2 separate fit camps at different retreats, have participated in his 30 day wellness challenge and have been the lucky recipient of his support, coaching and many ‘you’re AWESOME!’s. I learn something new each time – new about fitness, about wellness and about myself. I’ve taken his tips to my family and he’s impacted all of us. His infectious energy permeates through all he does and everyone he’s around. He’ll start your day off right and keep you moving forward!”



Thanks for being here!


Our lives and our happiness is directly tied to our health.


You may not be feeling or living the way you want to feel and live at the moment, but you are one step closer by being here.


I believe in you and am ready to support you in any way I can to help you feel your best and create an awesome life.


I’m excited to hear from you and the opportunity to work together.



Let’s Chat

Let’s schedule some time to connect and talk about where you may be stuck or struggling from a health perspective and how I may be able to help.


Please Contact Me Here


Let me know what day and time (as well as time zone) works best for you for us to connect on either a call or Skype and we’ll make it happen.


I’ll reach out to you as soon as I hear from you to confirm a day and time.


I look forward to the opportunity.


You’re awesome!


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