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EFC at WDS 2015


I created the Fit Camp specifically for entrepreneur’s looking to take their health, success, and entrepreneurship to the next level.

Entrepreneur’s such as WDS alumni speakers Michael Hyatt and Chris Brogan, Lewis Howes, and even WDS’s very own leader, Chris Guillebeau all advocate exercising regularly.


“When you make time for exercise, you’re making time for success.”


Working from anywhere and regular travel is all part of entrepreneurship. That’s why I’ve created this daily 15 minute exercise routine, specific to entrepreneur’s, that can be done anytime, anywhere without the need for any exercise equipment.

It’s designed to have you feeling more positive, energetic, and productive throughout your day.

This 15 minute exercise routine covers:

> Warm-up exercises

> Cardiovascular exercise

> Strength training

> Stretching

> Meditation / breathing


Finding Time To Exercise

As Jon Acuff, alumni WDS speakers so perfectly put it, “Time won’t find you, you have to find it.” When it comes to exercising, that couldn’t be more true.

We can’t make more time but we can decide how and where we use our time.


Believing In The Power Of Exercise

Being an entrepreneur is awesome. Every day is filled with new opportunities and challenges requiring you to be at our best.

Energy, motivation, and health are essential for entrepreneurs.

As entrepreneur’s, we don’t have time NOT to have time for exercise.

Here’s 6 ways entrepreneur’s can use exercise to excel in entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneur’s who priority exercise are prioritizing their success.

Listen to this 1:30 audio clip on the power of “believing” before diving into the workout below.


Entrepreneur Workout (Exercises & Video Description)

Complete one set of each exercise and stretch below for 1 minute the move onto the next one. Click each exercise for a video or picture demonstration.

1. Jumping Jacks

2. Low Laterals

3. Burpees

4. Push-ups (from knees or toes)

5. Lunges

6. Squat / Jab / Punch (30 seconds each side)

7. Single Arm Tricep Press (30 seconds each side)

8. Squats

9. Hill Climbers

10. Abdominal Bicycles

11. Abdominal Plank

12. Stretch #1

13. Stretch #2

14. Stretch #3

15. Meditation / Breathing (6 sec inhale / 6 sec exhale)


Free Entrepreneur Workout PDF Download Here


If you have any questions or need help creating a quick and simple routine specific to you that you can complete anywhere, reach out to me – I’ll help you.




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